The warm weather inspires plenty of great get-togethers.   Summer means outdoor weddings, pool parties, social gatherings and cookouts. Most of the time these events want DJ entertainment, so we love  having the chance to bring our energy to each one!       Jump in the pool and make a SPLASH this summer with one

Advice from the Experts

Advice from the Experts   KEYBO   About Keybo Keybo is nationwide entertainer from NY. An Emcee, DJ, and Dancer, Keybo does it all. Nominated for Encore Magazines Best DJ, Film Maker, and Local Artist of 2014 in his recent residence of Wilmington, NC, Keybo was recognized for his proficiency, character, and charm. Keybo began mixing
Music really makes a party. That’s why hiring a DJ is so important! So when it comes to your Bar or Bat Mitzvah take some time and follow these strategies for picking the best music playlist for your guests.     1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE You’ll most likely want a mix of older and new

7 Hot Summer Wedding Trends

Planning your summer wedding? Summer is a popular time for weddings, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the usual wedding traditions.       7 hot new ideas for your summer celebration.   Trend 1: Dynamic Colors Bright hues are popular for summer weddings. Think sophisticated brights. Sticking with just two hues