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PaolaLos Angeles
You guys are amazing! You made our wedding a night to unforgettable. Thank you for taking the time to get all our favorite songs from Argentina. What an incredible DJ "Dream Team" !!!
BetteNorth Hollywood
Robert, I was again thinking last night how wonderfully generous you and your team are in joining us each year at our Run|Walk. Just wanted to express my appreciation and let you know how very much you add to the experience for our 1200 participants. BTW, nice piece ran on Access Hollywood yesterday w/ Elizabeth and Armie - good plug for STOP CANCER...imagine what next year will bring! Warm regards,
Laurie & Jeffrey EvansThousand Oaks
Dear Evan, Scott & Andrea, WOW!!!! Thank you for helping to making Brian's Bar Mitzvah such a great success!! The energy that Evan and Scott brought to the party was incredible. Everyone had a great time!! Evan was very professional as little problems occurred so no one knew they happened. The whole crew helped to make this a very special night of memories that will last for ever in our hearts. I'm all ready to booking all 4 of them for Eric's in April 2015 !!! Please remind them how important they are in helping to make incredible memories each time the show up at a party!!! I would HIGHLY recommend all 4 of them!!! Thank you for helping to create a wonderful night!!
Laurie AckermanLos Angeles
Dream Team Entertainment is the classiest of all companies. We hired Robert to be our MC and Scott was our DJ. We had two exceptional dancers. The party rocked from beginning to end. Robert wore a white dinner jacket at my request. He was totally handsome and cool. The music was amazing.Robert was able to balance the needs of the guest of honor and her friends.The guest of honor is my Sweet 16 ,Teenage Queen. The adults were able to feel like they were also a part of the party too. Robert played music for all ages at appropriate times. It was the best party ever according to all of our guests. Thank you Robert and Dream Team Entertainment!
PamThousand Oaks
You engaged everyone- the evening flowed beautifully- and I didn't have to worry about anything! At brunch Sunday- my out of towners and many of my local family couldn't stop talking about it. I'm reserving you guys for Stephie’s Bat Mitzvah in 3 years!
Rebecca BaumanFood & Beverage Manager Woodland Hills Country Club
Jessica, It is always a pleasure to have Dream Team up at the Club. Whenever a member of your team is here we know that it will be a great event and we don’t need to worry about anything!!!  Thank You! Looking forward to doing lots of business with you in the new year. Have a great weekend! Thanks Again,
Amy ReichbachLos Angeles
Dear Robert, Well, my feet touched the ground finally yesterday. The guests are gone and I'm basking in the wonderfulness that was Julia's Bat Mitzvah! Thank you so much for participating in Project Wing and a Prayer. With your generous assistance, my vision for Julia’s Bat Mitzvah became a reality. The weather was perfect and the day turned out storybook good. Julia was amazing, and I got to enjoy the party. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. If I can ever be of assistance to you and help pay this good karma forward, please don’t hesitate to ask. The kids had fun and the grownups were talking that night about how impressive it was that you got 98% of the adults up and dancing. You're amazing! The 3 games we picked worked, and the kids had a good time. We didn't need to mold them. These are kids who have played together since nursery school and know imaginative play--don't need a lot of artifice. Thank you again. Love, Amy PS The Video and Green Screen were great! I would definitely recommend them highly if people ask you for recommendations!
Jane and Mike WinstonLos Angeles
Hi guys, I wanted to let you know how happy we were with Paul and the Dream Team group. All went smoothly and we got so much positive feedback from our guests. You helped tremendously to make the party a success. Thanks so much. Hope to work with you again soon!
Liz LevittLos Angeles
Hi -- We just wanted to thank everyone who helped us out with Ariana's party on Saturday. We really enjoyed the music, lights, dancers, and of course our MC! Everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time! Thank you again!!
Scott BellSan Diego, CA
When I hired Dream Team entertainment, I knew I was getting the best, and they did not disappoint. In my opinion, Hiring the entertainment crew for your wedding is the single most important part of wedding planning. Dream Team is what made my event truly special. My wife and I had so many people that came up to us after the wedding and tell us it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to, including their own! I have been to several weddings since, and compared to ours, the entertainment was most certainly lacking. Dream Team Entertainment is absolutely the best in the business!
Gloria PaukerLos Angeles
Everyone had an awesome time. You are truly the best!!! You literally got every single person (young and old) onto the dance floor. The energy was electrifying. My family and friends can't stop talking about what a great time they had. We love you Robert!!! :)
Suzanne, Stefan, Max and Zack RosenthalLos Angeles
Dear Robert and the Dreamteam, We want to thank you so much for making Max's bar mitzvah so amazing. You really made the party as successful as it was. Not only did the kids have so much fun, so did the adults. Matt did awesome on the music choices and all the dancers were fun and totally engaging. Your totally professional and really know what your doing. We can't wait to use you again....for anything. Lots of love,
Laura KaplanLos Angeles
Thanks so much to you, Robert and the team, dream team that is! I am not one for online reviews and facebook but may make an exception in your case. We are so happy and thrilled that the kids all had so much fun. We will look forward to the DVD. Best,
Diana TurkCalabasas, CA
Robert I wanted to send you what I sent to to my friend who asked about you from DJing our event! You Are The BEST!: Hi Cindy- John told me you were interested to find out about the DJ we used for Andy's bar mitzvah. His name is Robert and his company is called Dreamteam Entertainment. I cant say enough about him. He is phenomenal! I have heard him at several bar/bat mitzvahs and I feel he is the best out there. Great personality, great music and makes both the kids and adults happy! He has a great energy about him and ALWAYS is tons of fun for all! I dont know his companies website so I have put his personal email address above. I know several people who have scheduled their entire bnai mitzvah date around his schedule. I hope he is available your date. Hope you can get him! Diana Turk Peopleplatters,LLC
Sonia Sharma, Sonia Sharma Events - Event PlannerLos Angeles
Hello Dream Team, We would like to thank you for an amazing job at Stephan's Bar Mitzvah. We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication in making this a memorable event for Stephan and his family and friends. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Sincerely, Best,
The Miller FamilyLos Angeles
To the crew at Dream Team: Thank you so much for all your help with Evan's Bar Mitzvah. People have made many comments about how great the DJ was and how much you helped the event to be a huge success. We are grateful for all your efforts on our behalf and our ten year old is already looking forward to having Scott at his Bar Mitzvah. In gratitude-
Jenna, Lauren and Michelle PerlmutterLos Angeles
Thank you so much for helping to make Lauren's Bat Mitzvah so special. We are so happy and have been talking all week about how each of you helped to make the day so special and memorable. Thanks so much!
Beth StewartLos Angeles
Dear Andrea, The party last night was terrific. Eyal did a great job as DJ. Eyal is adorable, the kids loved him and his music and lites... Thank you so very much. Very Sincerely,
Howard and Simone SteinbergLos Angeles
Robert, Wow! You are fantastic. I can't stop thinking about the evening. It was more than I ever thought it would be. I hope we were as easy as you were. I know Howard is a tough cookie and I hope you are were not to bothered by that. You truly made the party amazing!! I know I have you penciled in for 6/20 (Adam). Can you also check and pencil in 6/27. I will call you later to rave a little more. Thanks for everything,
John MillerLos Angeles
Hi Robert and crew, Just want to thank you for an amazing night! Robert, you were right on your game! We had the best time. We have already given your name to a couple of guests at the party, so hope to see you on the Bar Mitzvah circuit soon! Thanks again. Best,
Jane & Guy LamotheLos Angeles
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team again or your terrific entertainment on Saturday! Everyone had a wonderful time. Watching Bria sing and dance and celebrate with her friends was unbelievable! The party just flowed beautifully and the day will always be remembered. Thank you!
Alexandria ( Alli ) R. MeersLos Angeles
Hello Andrea, Just wanted to let you know everything was really great for our party. The dancers were awesome – especially Biddy. It was difficult to get people onto the dance floor earlier in the night, so we appreciate Biddy and Ashley’s efforts! Biddy did a wonderful job teaching the Gangnam Style dance while Ashley demonstrated it, which was fun to watch! Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you in the future. Regards, Alexandria (Alli) R. Meers
Gaby EdgarLos Angeles
I just got home from a Bat Mitzvah that you guys DJed & MCed. It was so great. You made the party and completed the impossible task of getting everyone to dance right away! So I'd like to thank Eyal (and whoever was woking with him for making Emma Jo's Bat Mitzvah a night to remember. I know that she had a lot of fun and I will definately be recommening you to anyone and everyone who has a party (including my self). Thanks again!!! Respectfully,
Ilysia PierceLos Angeles
Dear Robert and All Who Worked Braxton's Bar Mitzvah! Thank you for an extraordinary night! Everyone had a fantastic time, especially Braxton. People continually commented on how incredible the dancers were, so thank you dancers!!! Robert, you are the consummate professional. This was especially evident when the chord got yanked during the montage. You stepped up to the plate and took over, keeping all the kids in place, but the party moving! I appreciate all of the "check in's" you did with me over the course of the night. Some people, when they've been doing the same job year after year, become stale and look bored, you came out fresh and vibrant and like you were having a great time, too! With that work ethic, you and your company will have continued success. Thank you to your office staff who was always friendly and eager to be of help! Take Care,
Nicole HambelLos Angeles
Our Company Party Was Perfect! Thank You so much!
Stephanie BramsonLos Angeles
Hi Dream Team, Summer just started school is out and the bat Mitzvah is over. Now we can breath and think back on how much fun we all had at the party. THANK YOU! You and the team did a super job. I feel so lucky to have picked the right entertainment group. If and when we have another party you will be the first to be called. Best Regards,
Ted, Joyce and Lacey GreenbergLos Angeles
Robert, I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you did for Lacey and our family last Saturday night. Awesome does not even begin to describe your abilities. Lacey is the youngest of six grandchildren in our family. I tell you this as a frame of reference to the fact that we have had many B'nai Mitzvot before her. Friends and family alike continue to call to let us know that this was the best Bat Mitzvah that they have ever attended. And need I say more, that it never would have been that way without you. The way that you kept the party going nonstop, involving kids and adults alike. I don't know how you do it. Putting together the songs for the grand entry and candle-lighting with only minutes of prior notice. You are a very special individual with an incredible personality. Thanks again.
Leslie TaylorLos Angeles
Hi Dream Team - Please tell Robert that once again he did an amazing job. Emily had a blast. He worked with her so well. All she wanted was dancing and he really mixed it up. They could have gone all night. Sheldon and I were so thrilled with him as well. Our guests had a great time and only had nice words to say about Robert and Scott. I am sure I will see him at other events. Thank you again. I will send more photos as I get them. Best regards,
Jill & Barry SmithLos Angeles, CA
Robert- You were so awesome!!!!! We sending you a tip to express are gratitude. Also, we want to book you for our daughters bat mitzvah in 2 years ... May or June. DO you have dates that you are not open? Please let me know. YOU are truly terrific!!!!!!
Jerry and Jacqueline ThomasLos Angeles
Robert and Scott were terrific! They really were the "dream team". Our event was memorable thanks to them. All the Best, We loved you guys!
Deborah Klein LopezLos Angeles
Five stars all the way for DreamTeam at my daughter's bat mitzvah party!!!! With Will as MC, Matt as DJ and Jason as a dancer, the kids were always entertained and having a great time. Brodie set up the montage equipment and we had NOTHING to coordinate or worry about. The team worked seamlessly together! They hit a perfect tone -- great music, fun games and smooth transitions from one stage o...f the party to the next. They worked fabulously with my caterer and photographer. They connected with all the guests, ages 7-75 years old. I could not be happier with the way it worked out; it was everything I hoped it would be. I wholeheartedly recommend every one of them individually and Dream Team as a company. Thank you to all of you for making our event so special!
Ted, Joyce and LaceyLos Angeles
Awesome does not even begin to describe your abilities. Friends and family alike continue to call to let us know that this was the best Bat Mitzvah that they have ever attended. And need I say more, that it never would have been that way without you guys! Dream Team, you guys rock!!!
The Richey Family Debbie, Ashley, Steve and GrantLos Angeles
Hi Robert and Staff, Thank you soooooo much! You guys sure know how to please a crowd. There were a ton of things that went wrong with our catering staff and if it wasn’t for your professionalism and high energy I think I would have lost it. I appreciate the effort you put in to making Ashley have an awesome Bat Mitzvah celebration. From all The Polaroid pictures that were left laying on the floor you could tell they all had a blast. I’ll send some photos when we get them back. Everyone is still talking about how fantastic the dancers were; and how disappointing our food was!!!! Just some feedback. Thanks again!
Anne Los Angeles
Robert, Thank you sooooo much. You did an amazing job. EVERYONE had such a great time at Jack's Bar Mitzvah, thanks to you!
Larry KaufmanLos Angeles
Hi Robert, Just wanted let you know that you helped us pull off another fantastic event. I don’t think there is another DJ out there that can keep a party going for 5 hours with a mix of people from 12 to 90! Everyone had a blast. Thanks again for helping us make Joey’s big day so special.
The Miller FamilyLos Angeles
To the crew at Dream Team: Thank you so much for all your help with Evan's Bar Mitzvah. People have made many comments about how great the DJ was and how much you helped the event to be a huge success. We are grateful for all your efforts on our behalf and our ten year old is already looking forward to having Scott at his Bar Mitzvah. In gratitude- The Miller Family
Mitch PindusLos Angeles
Hi, I just wanted to tell you how happy we were with Robert and Scott at Myles' Bar Mitzvah on Saturday night. Robert did all the cool MC/DJ things to keep the party going...got parents and kids alike on the dance floor all night, kept the pace of the evening perfectly. But there was one moment when he went above and beyond the call of duty. Within a minute of the montage starting, the audio went out. My first reaction was, "let's shut it down and fix it" but Robert just kept up the pace and dubbed in a few of the songs over the video and voila, very few people at the party even noticed the audio was down. His quick thinking really saved the montage from being a complete disaster. Thank you,
LizLos Angeles
Hi Dream Team Entertainment and Events, I attended Katie Allen's graduation party last Sunday and had an amazing time. The music was great and the DJs were very entertaining, especially Eyal. I'm sure you get this all of the time, because you have such great staff but just wanted to let you know as a guest how great you guys were! Have a great weekend!
Evie Events Party PlannerBeverly Hills
To my fabulous team, Thank you all for another fabulous job. It means so much that you all put so much into my events. I truly appreciate all your hard work and talent. Without you, I could never pull off these parties. Thank you for making me look so good. Have a great day, hopefully your off and spending a nice day with your families and loved ones. I'll speak to you soon. xoxoxo, Evie
Tanya SurpinBeverly Hills
Dear Robert, Scott and Andrea Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you all SO much for coordinating and pulling out all the stops to help us give a fabulous party. Both Raviv and I (and our guests) were wowed by your talents, your professionalism and your playful natures. Each and every one of them commented on the music selection and the overall feel of the games and the dancing. Robert, thank you for your generosity and your time and for just being so easy to work with. Scott, thank you for schlepping in the lights, which in hindsight was a brilliant move. Andrea, thank you for making the effort to come and be with us so that I could finally have the pleasure of meeting you! Congratulations to all of you on a job spectacularly done, from start to finish. Looking foward to working with you all again soon. Warmest regards,
EvanLos Angeles
Rob, Let me say that you guys threw an awesome party for David and Matthew this weekend!
Alicia PaleyLos Angeles
My daughter's bat mitzvah was this Saturday and I just wanted to let you know that Will and Scott did a great job! The party was a lot of fun, the music was great, and Will really kept the party going with his personable, high energy. Many of our friends were impressed with how Will ran the party. The party was wonderful, I would gladly hire Will/DreamTeam again! Thank you,
Cory JaklLos Angeles
Robert, I just wanted to say thank you for creating a most memorable evening for Emma and all of our guests. You truly are the party and I know that everyone had a wonderful time and said how great you were! And even though Andrea was gorgeous and moved her body so beautifully, we all had a hard time hating her (!) because she was so sweet! We enjoyed dancing with her and watching her! The dj, was wonderful as well, keeping everything smooth, playing appropriate music and being so cooperative with the elders in the group who wanted the music “turned down a bit”. I know that Emma truly appreciated all that you did for her to make it perfect and your talent was a gift to us. Thank you most kindly for being such a huge part of the success of the evening. We look forward to seeing you again at Claire Berner’s Bat Mitzvah this Saturday!
Sigal SharfLos Angeles
Kudos to Robert, Scott and Bitty! They kept the entire crowd, both old and young, dancing the night away. What an awesome team they were, creating an incredibly memorable experience that we will always treasure.
Sigal SharfRobin Kaplow
Robert, thanks again for saturday night! you were AWESOME!! i can't tell you how many of our guests told me that they've never heard such a great DJ before, EVER. you really made the party great, and i appreciate it so much. drew had a blast! thank you for everything --
Debbie LopezCalabasas, CA
In all the craziness of the weekend (and the following week! my in-laws just left!), I never got around to send you the enormous thank you you deserve. I can't tell you how PERFECT you and your team were for our party. It was EXACTLY what we hoped for. The right tone, the right vibe ... just perfect. I really can't thank you enough for everything you did for the Lopez/Klein families that night. I wrote a glowing review on DreamTeam's Facebook page and you should know that I would be happy to be a referral for you and Dream Team anytime! It was wonderful working with you and I just wanted to send one big thanks again.
MichelleLos Angeles, CA
To: Dream Team Entertainment Robert was amazing..the lighting was awesome!!!! Thank you so much for an amazing night. I owe you big time on the montage. The dancers were great. Thank you sooooooo much. Best,
Jill HeimlerLos Angeles, CA
Dear Robert, I just had to write to you to tell you what an amazing job you and your team did!!! People were coming up to me all night and telling me how much they enjoyed you and the dancers. The music was great and the energy was awesome! I have never seen a party where the adults and children were on the dance floor all night long. Normally the adults get tired and sit down but you had them all up and dancing all night long!!!!! Even after the event people called me to tell me how much they enjoyed you guys!!! YOU WERE GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for everything! Look forward to working with you again in a few years for Samantha's Bat Mitzvah. Sincerely,
Jill HeimlerLos Angeles, CA
Dear Robert, I just had to write to you to tell you what an amazing job you and your team did!!! People were coming up to me all night and telling me how much they enjoyed you and the dancers. The music was great and the energy was awesome! I have never seen a party where the adults and children were on the dance floor all night long. Normally the adults get tired and sit down but you had them all up and dancing all night long!!!!! Even after the event people called me to tell me how much they enjoyed you guys!!! YOU WERE GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for everything! Look forward to working with you again in a few years for Samantha's Bat Mitzvah. Sincerely,
RandyLos Angeles, CA
We had the most fabulous time and everyone was wonderful. Your crew made the party. Thank you so much. They were so much fun, worked so hard and were all adorable. Adam had the best time, as everyone did! I will call after Thanksgiving. Family still in town. BTW, Adam did a spectacular job on the Bima. :-)
Sanjib and Louisa SahLos Angeles, CA
We had an amazing time. We could not have asked for things to turn out any better than they did. Thanks for being a party of it and helping make it a very special and memorable occasion.
Jessica Ardi - Save The Ta-TasLos Angeles, CA
To all The Dream Team, I wanted to THANK YOU once again for volunteering your time to help Save the ta-tas at the Block Party! The event was a success and we really want to express our gratitude to you for all your hard work. The block party is a fun event, and I hope you were all able to enjoy it! You were great up on stage!!! I will send you the photos once I receive them, as I know my brother took a bunch of good ones!! They will also be available on our website and included in this weeks email blast. Be sure to check it out! Thank you again, your efforts are very much appreciated!! Best Wishes,
Zarek Photography - President of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of CommerceSherman Oaks, CA
Robert, Thanks so much for everything. You received a lot of compliments from everyone I have spoken with. Thanks for a great job. I will catch up with you soon. Hope to see you at our holiday party on Sunday at our home. I sent you an evite...not sure if you got it. Let me know and I can resend it. Take Care,
Jackie SteinbergLos Angeles, CA
Dear Dream Team, Your fan club grew dramatically Saturday night with what I'm sure, was yet another successful Bar Mitzvah party for you! Your Sales team was not wrong when he directed me to you over a year ago. You were everything I wanted for a party...and more! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making our party such a raving success. Our family and friends have been calling for two days to let us know what a great time they had. And of course the music and the dancers were a major part of their fun. Also Matthew didn't complain about anything so I know he was pleased too. A few people have asked me if you give dance lessons. If you are ever interested, let me know....I could pull a dance lesson party together for you in no time! So thanks again for your enthusiasm and sensitivity to our needs. You really are the best and I would recommend you any time! Hope to see you at a party again soon! Warmest regards,
Luiza IancuLos Angeles
Hello everyone, Robert did a great job and we had a great time !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much we really appreciate it and hope to work with you again soon.
Lori LazersonAgoura, CA
Hi Robert, Once again, you did a fabulous job at our party. I can't tell you how many people have come up to me and have said what a great job you did. We're still talking about it tonight over pizza. I will definately be in touch with you once we get Sam's Bar Mitzvah date. It'll be June 3 years from now as soon as I get my date I'm booking you again! Thanks so much again for everything. You're great!!!!
David Shender Los Angeles, CA
Hi Robert, Well you did it again! You made Cory's Bar Mitzvah a HUGE success. Your enthusiasm, warmth, and charm came shining through. Everybody had a great time. We can't thank you enough. Fondly, The Shender Family
SheriLos Angeles
Andrea, Just to let you know when Robert booked us our MC, he said that the girls would go nuts because he was - ahem - so good looking. Well, he stands corrected ... it was the ADULT WOMEN who couldn't stop talking about it! hahahahha Thanks Again!
Assaf & Ayelet CohenLos Angeles
Andrea, Our DJ, Mr. Scott Conley, was AMAZING!!!! Everyone at the wedding loved him and at least 3 separate people asked us who the awesome DJ was! Over and over, Scott went above and beyond the call of duty. I've been to many weddings and I've never seen a DJ take so much care of the bride and groom and of the guests. We're only now going through the hundreds, if not thousands, of digital pictures from the event, and in many of them Scott is clearly visible physically helping some of our elder guests traverse a rickety bridge towards their seats (the bridge spanned the pool and this was the only way to get to the ceremony area). This is clearly not in the job description of a DJ, but there's Scott in photo after photo, helping our eldest relatives with poise and strength. What a guy! Not only that, but Scott also physically took us by the hand and "forced" my wife and myself to cut our own dinner line and to EAT! If it wasn't for him, we probably wouldn't have gotten around to eating dinner at all and would have been hungry and miserable for the rest of the night. Moreover, our outdoor wedding and reception was assaulted with extremely strong winds and Scott expertly modified his playlist to adjust for the unforeseeable circumstances. He "felt the crowd" and kept the dancing going in spite of the cold and wind - his expert DJ'ing was *that* good! Ayelet and I are incredibly happy that we chose Scott to be our DJ/caretaker. He delivered above and beyond the call of duty and we will be ecstatic to recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch DJ. He really is the Wedding Guru and whatever you guys are paying him, it ain't enough! Ridiculously happy with our amazing DJ Scott Conley, Assaf & Ayelet Cohen p.s. I'm not sure if you're the right person to tell this to, but if not, can you please forward this to the President/Head of Dream Team?
ShelaleLos Angeles
I am just getting around to thanking you for your great contribution to my party. All I can remember is that I had a great time; the rest is a blur even though I hardly had a drink, because I kept losing my glass!! Thank you for everything. Everyone had a great time! Thanks again.
Dafna and Scott TaryleLos Angeles
Dear Dream Team, You were amazing. Scott, Eyal and Jason, were just beyond amazing. All the guests were so happy and had good time.Just beyond amazing. So much anergy. We were very very happy and everything was as scheduled. Thank you again, and all the best.
Larry KaufmanLos Angeles
Hi Ladies, The party was terrific. Robert did a fantastic job, just as expected. The kids and the adults alike had a great time. Thanks so much for working with us on this special milestone in Joey’s life. Please pass on my praise to Robert. He absolutely deserves it.
Debbie PalmerLos Angeles
Hi - Please let Robert know that we just gave his name and number to someone from Adam's party named Michael Slade who is going to call for his own Bar Mitzvah. Thanks! p.s. Everyone is still talking about what a great party it is! We will call back in 5 years when it is time for Sarah! :) Debbie Palmer
Marla AxelrodeLos Angeles
Hi Brandi Ann, Everything was great and I got great feedback on Paul. My cousin from up north is even thinking of using your company for her party. When people say what they liked about the party, they say the D.J. was great. So I was very happy to hear all the good reviews. My son loved getting the help from the dancers and he and his friends did dance and were excited about their new moves. My daughter, of course, was up and dancing all night with her friends. Thank you for playing our music and making the evening go so smoothly. Best regards,
Cindy, Robert and Sara NewmanLos Angeles
Dear Robert, Thank you so much for the incredible job you did running Sara's party. The music was fabulous and your timing on everything was perfect. You did such a fantastic job getting both young and old on the dance floor and making sure that we all had the time of our lives. A million thank yous for making Sara's Bat Mitzvah party such a perfect night for all of us! Warmly,
ElizabethLos Angeles
Robert, Biddy, Scott, Andrea and Colleen, Thank you for all that you did to make Nick's Bar Mitzvah celebration so amazing last weekend! I can't tell you how many people have been raving to us about Robert, Biddy and Scott. The music was perfect, and so many of our friends and family had a phenomenal time dancing and partying because of you. I thought we had a tough crowd with a mixture of 13-year old boys, younger children and older relatives, but you engaged them all incredibly well. The kids and adults just loved dancing with Robert and Biddy. Robert, thank you also for convincing Nick to do the grand entrance. I appreciated Andrea and Colleen's patience and help as I made multiple changes throughout the planning process. Please also let Chris know that the video game tower was a huge hit with Nick's friends. Thank you again and we will be in touch as we start planning for Katie's celebration!
Frank RehhautAgoura Hills, CA
Dream Team did my daughter's bat mitzvah and they were incredible. THey handled everything from beginning to end, and made my family and I feel that we had no worries when it came to lighting and music. After the party everyone raved regarding the DJ and the music, after a week we are still getting compliments regarding the DJ. Robert and his staff made everything simple and easy, the live feed was amazing, the music makes the party and Dream Team did not disappoint. Thanks so much for helping to make the Bat Mitzvah one of the most memorable nights of our lives. The Rehhaut Family
A.J. Steinberg Masquerade Events - Event PlannerMalibu, CA
Just wanted to let you know what an amazing job Will and Scott and the crew did on Saturday night. They were amazing. Please let them know how much their hard work was appreciated by the Weintraubs and, of course, by me! ..aj
Silvia and Brant BenunLos Angeles, CA
Thank you thank you to the Dream Team duo we had Eyal and Scott were amazing!! I’m still getting compliments on how great they were with the kids and adults they truly helped make Jake’s day very special. Look forward to working with Dream Team again in the future for Chad’s Bar Mitzvah in 2014! Best,
Wendy KnollerLos Angeles, CA
Hi Alisha, Our party was fantastic and Eyal and Scott did a great job!!!! In the hustle of trying to leave I forgot to give Eyal, Scott and the dancers the gratuities that we had for them. I would like to send the envelopes to your office. Will you be able to forward the envelopes to all four of them for us? In addition, could I get the names of the dancers that worked our party. Thank you,
Linda FishmanLos Angeles, CA
BIG thank you to Robert, Biddy, Katie and the DT Crew for keeping our mitzvah moving and shaking all night long! Great job --The Fishmans
Gail, Alan, Molly & Erica RosenburgEncino, CA
Hey Robert - The last of the out-of-towners just left my home for their plane, my parents went up north and return Friday for Mother's Day weekend. First chance I've been alone in days, and had to a chance to sit down at the computer. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Again, you helped make our night, and most importantly Erica's, one that will always be remembered. We have been getting rave reviews from friends and family alike, everyone loved you, everyone had a blast! Alan told me he spoke with you yesterday and is trying to hook up at some time this week, apologies again for the hubby having a wee bit (lol) too much to drink, therefore not being able to compensate you and your group appropriately that night! Hopefully, we weren't the first on that front! Anyway - I know we've got at least two more Bar/Bat Mitzvahs coming up where we get to see your smiling face - we all look forward to it. Thanks again for all - you're fabulous!
Allyson & CobyLos Angeles, CA
Marvin, Scott and the Dream Team, Just a quick note to say you totally ROCKED the party last night! Thank you so much for keeping the energy high, the dance moves hot, and the fun nonstop. The music was awesome and our guests obviously had a complete blast! Did you ever take a break? It didn't seem like it - so impressive. Please extend our enthusiastic thanks to the entire team. Best,
Laura ArmstrongLos Angeles, CA
Last night's event turned out beautifully, in large part to Eyal and team. Thanks to you all for helping Kate have the perfect party. All the grown-ups said it was their favorite event like this and will definitely be asking me for your information for future events. With tons of appreciation,
Carolyn and Richard CamrasLos Angeles, CA
Dear Robert and Dream Team You could not have been more amazing, more festive with those great dancers and team: Scott, Mike, Biddy (sp?) and Flex! Wow did you spoil us with the A team again!!!! Robert, there is no better in Los Angeles than you. You are all class, roll with the punches, and read people incredibly! And soooo accommodating! And the fog and lighting were just so generous of you Robert. You really made my boy's dreams come true and you know how much we love you at the helm of our parties. My family adults and kids alike had a blast and all Noah's friends said it was the best party ever!!! Cannot thank you enough! Just wish I had more kids to Bar Mitzvah! That's ok. We will look for other reasons to have you in our lives! With gratitude for making the celebration absolutely a "DREAM" ---I now get why your company is named as it is.
Caleb HumphreysBeverly Hills, CA
Dream Team, Everything went very well. Nick and Will were great! The students really enjoyed Will’s good nature and energy. I look forward to using DTEAE for my next party or dance! Thanks again,
Randy, Jannell and Megan Banchik Beverly Hills, CA
Robert and Dream Team - Just a quick note to let you know what a wonderful job you did for Megan's Bat Mitzvah party on Saturday. We had an intricate schedule of events, big space, close to 100 kids and a big group of adults to keep entertained for four hours. Robert and his team did an incredible job of keeping all of our guests of all ages engaged in the party, dancing, and just having a great time. The music selection worked flawlessly - both for our presentations, and the dance music selected for both kids and adults. The dance team was super, keeping the energy up, helping keep all of our guests comfortable on the dance floor, and stepping in to coordinate and facilitate wherever needed. Thank again for helping us make such a special and fun night for Megan and all of our guests.
Barbara Leanse Cedars Sinai Medical CenterBeverly Hills, CA
Please thank Robert again for the wonderful night he created for Will and Morris Colner and all of our guests on October 16th. Not only is Robert a gentleman but does he really does make the party…great! With respect,
The Matz familyLos Angeles, CA
Dream Team was excellent!!! Everyone loved our MC and the dancers. We have given many referrals.
Jennifer KellerLos Angeles, CA
Hi Alisha, The Bar Mitzvah was a great success! Robert, Scott and the dancers were all fantastic as usual and everyone had a great time. I can’t say enough good things about Robert and about Dream Team in general. You guys make it so easy and I appreciate all the contact and follow up during those last couple of months. Thank you for always being so quick to respond to all my many questions and please thank Robert and his team for a wonderful job once again. We can’t wait to work with you guys again in the future. THANK YOU!!! Sincerely,
Ronda WilkinManager, Corporate Community Relations Blue Shield of California
Robert -- thank you for giving us the perfect party on Saturday night! We had a number of friends who said the only thing they would have changed the entire evening is to let the party go all night! Kudos to you and your team! Robert, you were my FIRST contract a few years back when we got the date and my best decision! We love you! Thanks. Ronda & Dennis Wilkin
Lois Cambitzi HorwitzLos Angeles, CA
This was the 2nd time we have had Robert as our MC at an event .... No wonder they are called Dream Team Entertainment - becos' their whole Team (Robert, Scott, the dancers, the assistants, the technicians, the office staff, etc. etc.) were all awesome. They brought so much energy and professionalism to the party! The guests loved the mummy-wrap game. Everyone asked who our entertainers were. No one does an event better than them! Thank you so much!
Lori Landsman LazersonLos Angeles, CA
This past weekend was my son's Bar Mitzvah and the 3rd time we have used Dream Team Entertainment. Robert, Scott, and the dancers are the best, as well as the office staff! We had so many people during and after the Bar Mitzvah comment on how wonderful Dream Team was. We have already booked them for our daughter's Bat Mitzvah in 2 years! Dream Team Entertainment, thank you so much, once again for a wonderful and memorable time. You're the best!!!!!!!!